Month: June 2011

Under Construction: Breastpump bra

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. This is how I blog. (Well, not yet.) There comes a time in the life of every nursing mother when her thoughts turn to pumping. (Please forgive me; I’ve got breasts on the brain these days.) I bought (and returned) a pre-made pumping bra. After I […]

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Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.   MVH hoses down the jogging stroller. My parents’ neighbors had a rummage sale a number of years ago, and at the end of the sale, this jogging stroller remained unsold. It was wheeled to the end of their driveway for garbage collection. Knowing we were […]

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The hot pink taste of rhubarb cornmeal cake

Sweet, summer cake. Before Paul was born, MVH and I were going out to dinner a lot. We hit many of Milwaukee’s fish fry hot spots during Lent. (In our book, St. Martins Inn in Franklin was the best, but the wait was almost two hours.) We figured that after our little stranger arrived, trips […]

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Recommended Reading: Chefs’ cool tools

Recommended Reading highlights articles and sites that I think are worth checking out. Kitchen manager Brad Walters pulls a pizza out of a massive coal-fired pizza oven at Dick’s Pizza. Photo by Mike De Sisti via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. My hometown newspaper, the award-winning Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, featured a really neat story today in its […]

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Babycentric: Nursing pads

I’ve got a new baby, and a lot of my making has been babycentric. Here’s a look at one creation.  Extra nursing pads, made from a cloth diaper insert. Along with cloth diapers, I’ve been using washable nursing pads. I use the cotton pads at night, and during the day I use reusable silicone nursing […]

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Done and Done: Situpon for cats

Let’s get critical about a finished project. Kitty and Gato demonstrate proper use of a cat situpon. Here’s a project from the archives. I made this seat protector last summer to keep cat fur off a red chair in my living room. I refer to it as a situpon, a nod to my days in […]

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