Month: May 2011

Duvet fix

All tied up and much improved. It’s been a cold spring in Milwaukee. It took me a while to finally drag the duvet off my bed.   But when I did, I made a fix that I had been meaning to conduct for a long time. Let’s talk duvet pros and cons — Pro: Super […]

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Watching Create TV

There’s no cable at VHHQ, but I can’t complain. I’ve got Create TV on Milwaukee Public Television‘s Channel 36.3.   If you’re not familiar with Create, it’s a public television channel featuring only cooking, crafting, travel, and home-improvement shows. Could this be any more perfect for me? I watch more Create TV than I do […]

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Breakfast for dinner

It’s Friday night, and it’s breakfast time. Breakfast for dinner was a regular occurrence for me growing up. My parents had an old (even in the ’80s) waffle iron that made four 4-by-4-inch waffles at a time. I don’t recall their preferred box mix, but it always was tasty. Toppings frequently included peanut butter, bananas, […]

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What They Made: Figs & Ginger

What They Made is an occasional series in which I highlight handmade items that tickle my fancy. Das Baby was 36 weeks as of Sunday, May 8 — Mother’s Day. I’m not a mother yet… give me a few weeks (Yip!). But I was given a very lovely Mother’s Day gift Sunday. Traditional mother’s jewelry […]

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Where I’ve been

Oh, hey there. So since I last posted, my life exploded and came back together. In a good way. Here’s the quick-and-dirty rundown of my doings. I moved. Twice. MVH and I lived in Kenosha for about three weeks in a corporate apartment. He started his job at SCJ, a family company, and I enjoyed […]

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