Ziggy Cupcake and the Sprinkles from Mars received 76 votes in the IronCupcake:Earth Music Challenge, which was good enough for third place out of 49 entries! Yay! Pretty darn good for my first time, eh?

Thank you so much for your votes. I am honored that you took time to support me and my baking project. I want to make each of you a gratitude cupcake. ๐Ÿ˜€

In other IronCupcake:Earth business, the contest isn’t really a pure competition. I reviewed the rules, and the grand prize winner is chosen in a drawing. You see, each vote is an entry in the grand prize drawing, and a random number generator is used to select a winner. (Check out the voting deets here.) So, it’s definitely advantageous to have a lot of people vote for your cupcake (more votes = more chances to win), but the random drawing does not guarantee that the top vote-getter will collect the grand prize.

I didn’t realize this; I should have read the directions more carefully. Oh well. It’s still a really fun “competition.” (Consider those finger quotes.)

And I’m still extremely grateful for your votes. Thanks again!