Cook’s Illustrated challenge: Recognition!

 Big-time national recognition! Woot! Guess who got a shout out from AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN? Me! Or actually, Sie macht. GO ME! Click here to read the post. Sie macht was recognized in the weekly Blogger Spotlight at America’s Test Kitchen’s The Feed. I knew Chris Kimball couldn’t stay away. To be honest, I wasn’t very […]

Cook’s Illustrated challenge: Potato Gnocchi

My favorite topping for gnocchi — freshly grated Parm. I don’t have too many notes to share on CI’s gnocchi recipe, which I think means it was successful. Technique: The potatoes for this recipe are pressed through a ricer. This makes the dumplings extra light and fluffy. Gnocchi win! I will, however, confess to liking […]

Under Construction: Flannel shirt of blue

The pattern and scraps. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda getting bored with the Cook’s Illustrated reviews. Let’s take a break, shall we? I’ve been working on my most ambitious sewing project to date: a classic shirt. The pattern is from the Built By Wendy “Sew U” book.This shirt is a long time […]

Cook’s Illustrated challenge: Grilled Beef Satay

Beef satay skewers in their marinated glory. Meat on a stick. OK, Cook’s Illustrated. I’m listening. The article reads, “American restaurants have sapped the magic from this Thai street-food favorite with flavorless meat that’s either mushy or overcooked.” Magic meat on a stick? We’ll see about that. Following are my notes on the experience: Technique: […]

Cook’s Illustrated challenge: French-Style Pot-Roasted Pork

Carved and ready for consumption. This is the saddest story you’ll ever read about a pork loin roast. Behold the deets: The clock: It took me about an hour to prep all the ingredients, and then the roast spent another hour or so in the oven. Love that hands-off time! The technique: The roast is […]

Cook’s Illustrated challenge: Lentil Salad

A vegetarian main course: lentil salad. This recipe promises creamy but firm lentils. It piqued my interest, because somehow I always manage to mushify these quick-cooking legumes. Maybe this recipe will change my luck, I thought! It didn’t. Sigh. I ended with a bowl of tasty, yet overcooked, lentils. Following are my notes on the […]

Under Construction: Sorbetto top | Almost there

Milwaukee is having a bit of an Indian summer week, which is good weather for finishing a tank top. Ha. I’m about 90 percent there. The Sorbetto top has come together nicely. The directions from Colette are easy to follow. As you can see, I’ve sewn binding to the neckline and one armhole. I need […]

Handmade Brewers gear

(From left) Prince Fielder, Craig Counsell, and Ryan Braun are gearing up for the postseason, along with the rest of Milwaukee! Photo by Rick Wood via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Milwaukee Brewers, my hometown baseball club, are the National League Central champions. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I repeat: […]

Cook’s Illustrated challenge: Vegetable Lasagna

The bright green basil pops against the red tomato sauce. I decided to make the Vegetable Lasagna pretty early in the challenge because it looked to be the most involved recipe in this issue of Cook’s Illustrated and I wanted to get it out of the way. It was extremely fussy, but it was quite […]

Show off your stash

Super-sized stash! Photo by emma_louise via Flickr. Looking for some inspiration AND maybe a free treat? Of course you are! Check out the Stash Bash pool at Flickr. If you’re willing to share your cache of crafting goodies, you are entered to win craftish books from publisher Interweave. Winners will be drawn tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. […]

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