Salad days

Creamy homemade dressing. I’ve got little patience for fussy cooking in the summer. It’s time to enjoy whole foods at their peak ripeness. Not only are salads extra tasty this time of year in my part of the world, but they also are fast, easy, and infinitely customizable. It’s nice to come home to a […]

Wishful Thinking: Bustier Top with Cap Sleeves

Wishful Thinking shares projects that catch my eye β€” and their likelihood of completion. The bustier top is classy and flirty. Photo via BurdaStyle. This pattern from BurdaStyle was featured on the site’s blog recently, and I instantly was smitten. Why I like it: It’s unapologetically feminine. Clean lines. Technical drawing via BurdaStyle. My construction […]

Under Construction: Granny’s Clothespin Apron

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. The pouch is mostly finished. I *should* wrap up this clothespin apron this week. It’s a project from “One-Yard Wonders.” Diapers of all colors. Why a clothespin apron, you ask? Das Baby will be wearing cloth diapers, and the colorful covers must be line dried. A […]

What They Made: Handmade for Das Baby

What They Made is an occasional series in which I highlight handmade items that tickle my fancy.   The Buege sisters, BN and Erin. (The pattern on this dress does a pretty good job of concealing 33 weeks of pregnancy β€” at least from the front!) Photo by my mom. My sister, BN, with a […]

Duvet fix

All tied up and much improved. It’s been a cold spring in Milwaukee. It took me a while to finally drag the duvet off my bed. But when I did, I made a fix that I had been meaning to conduct for a long time. Let’s talk duvet pros and cons β€”Pro: Super warm when […]

Watching Create TV

There’s no cable at VHHQ, but I can’t complain. I’ve got Create TV on Milwaukee Public Television‘s Channel 36.3.   If you’re not familiar with Create, it’s a public television channel featuring only cooking, crafting, travel, and home-improvement shows. Could this be any more perfect for me? I watch more Create TV than I do […]

Breakfast for dinner

It’s Friday night, and it’s breakfast time. Breakfast for dinner was a regular occurrence for me growing up. My parents had an old (even in the ’80s) waffle iron that made four 4-by-4-inch waffles at a time. I don’t recall their preferred box mix, but it always was tasty. Toppings frequently included peanut butter, bananas, […]

What They Made: Figs & Ginger

What They Made is an occasional series in which I highlight handmade items that tickle my fancy. Das Baby was 36 weeks as of Sunday, May 8 β€” Mother’s Day. I’m not a mother yet… give me a few weeks (Yip!). But I was given a very lovely Mother’s Day gift Sunday. Traditional mother’s jewelry […]

Where I’ve been

Oh, hey there. So since I last posted, my life exploded and came back together. In a good way. Here’s the quick-and-dirty rundown of my doings. I moved. Twice. MVH and I lived in Kenosha for about three weeks in a corporate apartment. He started his job at SCJ, a family company, and I enjoyed […]

It’s coming! It’s coming!

I’m in the home stretch for the spring semester! My last school day is May 5, and I *should* be posting more regularly after that. I have a fairly long explanatory post sitting in my drafts that I’d LOVE to get up before then, but I make no promises. Sorry. πŸ™ How has your spring […]

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